Honesty and dedication innovation

The dream of the trip, began in Xinhai




On May 28, 2021, my ordinary day became extraordinary because of an ordinary text message. On this day, I received such a text message: "Hello, I am glad to inform you that you have passed the written examination and interview of Xinhai Group. Please report to the Human Resources Department at 8 am on May 31, 2021. You need to bring..." Yes, I received the long-awaited entry notice of Xinhai Group.
Looking back on a few days ago, I was still preparing the relevant materials about the written examination and interview with trepidation. I recalled the excitement of seeing Xinhai at the first time. The administrative building is magnificent, solemn and elegant, and gives people a sense of solemnity and silence in appearance. Perhaps this is exactly the embodiment of Xinhai people's serious and rigorous attitude towards work! The central control room is full of science and technology, which proves that Xinhai Group is implementing the enterprise innovation concept at its own speed and responding to the national science and technology production policy. Approaching the building, the workers are queuing up and rushing to their jobs in an orderly manner. I can't help but admire that Xinhai Group has really implemented its serious work style on every little thing. At this time, my admiration for Xinhai has reached another height!
But Xinhai is far more than I imagined so good. Xinhai not only has the enterprise spirit of virtue, honesty, dedication and innovation, but also has the strong human touch of Xinhai people! After I entered the power workshop and the team, Xinhai's human touch became more apparent! When we first came to the power workshop, we were like lost lambs, but fortunately we had warm-hearted directors, caring predecessors and careful big brothers and sisters. Their work is everywhere, and their life is meticulous, ranging from the problem of accommodation to the details of their work, which not only reduces the cowardice of our work, but also enables us new employees to integrate into the power workshop and Xinhai family better and faster!
2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the 10th anniversary of the founding of the new factory of Xinhai Holding Group. In this special year, we had the honor to join Xinhai and participate in the chorus competition for the anniversary of the founding of the Party. From the beginning, we were almost eliminated, to the whole Party branch insisted on practicing and working hard. Finally, the electromechanical instrument Party branch won the second prize of the chorus competition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. From this incident, I realized that in Xinhai, collective honor is higher than everything else, and efforts will always be rewarded!
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the future, I hope Xinhai will prosper day by day. I hope we can make progress and grow together with Xinhai. I hope we can witness more ten years of Xinhai together!
(From Zhang Yue of Power Workshop)

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