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Struggle more than, youth not negative




In April 2021, I officially became a Xinhai female worker. Before that, I just graduated with longing, anxiously waiting for the interview notice of Xinhai Group at home. Now, I can say with certainty that my waiting was not in vain. In the past two years, under the environment of the steady development of the company, I have watched batches of outstanding talents emerging from front-line employees, actively "take the lead" in daily work, strive to be the "vanguard", communicate with each other, learn from each other, and learn from each other.

The enterprise has become the cradle of cultivating the growth of talents. I am very glad that my first job after graduation has given me unlimited growth space and upward motivation. I also understand that when a worker, you must forge yourself into a good piece of steel. Only by integrating personal development into the development of the enterprise can you maximize your personal value. In this way, a large private enterprise with strong humanistic care and striving for the first-class bravely drives employees to move forward, constantly learn and enrich themselves, and also allows more and more employees to find their own stage in ordinary positions, reflect value and show style in labor, Create happiness.

As a Xinhai female worker, we are lucky. In our jobs, we can walk side by side with our male compatriots, have the same vast world and the same platform, so that we have the opportunity to strive to become an economically independent and ideologically independent woman in the new era. And all this comes from the development of the enterprise, from the strength of the enterprise, but also from the enterprise people-oriented cultural literacy and "virtue, integrity, dedication, innovation" spirit of enterprise.

Nietzsche once said: "Every day when one does not dance is a betrayal of one's life". I think that's exactly what happened. From the hardships and thorns of the construction of the first and second phases of the factory, to the historic breakthrough of the one-time start-up of the third phase of the project in 2015, to the steady progress of the seventh phase of the project, the project has achieved remarkable results in the past ten years. The benefits continue to rise, and we have won one beautiful battle after another. Behind the fruitful achievements of Xinhai Group is the persistent adherence to ideals and beliefs of Xinhai people and the vivid interpretation of the spirit of craftsmen.

It has been almost three years since I left the campus. The test of life and the sharpening of work have made me abandon the innocence and ignorance of my youth. I have been more cautious and grateful. I know how to cherish life and be a dedicated worker. Xinhai has steadily entered the new decade. As a vigorous force that can hold up half the sky, we must create happiness with labor, achieve dreams with skills, seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, and achieve new achievements in order to realize Xinhai Group's intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprises.

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