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Author:Wang Yanyan




"Who knows, every grain of Chinese food is hard.", I believe that everyone is familiar with this poem. Diligence and thrift are traditional Chinese virtues. It is not only a responsibility, but also a manifestation of a person's quality.

Economy, these four words remind me of my parents and my parents' generation. Because I have experienced the hardship of no food, I cherish food especially. I often hear from my mother that at that time, the grain output at home was very low, and there was very little white flour. Only people with good family conditions could afford white flour. A meal is often a tortilla, corn porridge, and some vegetables from your garden. As far as I can remember, I have eaten steamed buns made by my mother. I still remember when my mother steamed buns with steamed buns. When I was a child, I also asked her why she steamed two kinds. My mother said he preferred corn flour. I didn't know until I grew up that she didn't like eating at all, but she just wanted to leave the best to us. My mother comes from the south, and her favorite staple food is actually rice. At that time, rice could be exchanged for wheat. Every time my father saw it, he had to exchange some for my mother. Therefore, even if the living conditions are not very rich, the family is happy. Every time she cooks dumplings, after cooking the first pot, my mother tells me to eat first. She cooks the rest of the dumplings herself. She never wants to throw away the rest of the noodles. She cooks them into slices and cooks them in the pot. Frugality, is engraved in her bones, is engraved in their generation of the same quality.

My mother is a very hardworking person, working at sunrise and resting at sunset. At that time, a lot of cotton was planted at home. Cotton was a very difficult crop and needed careful care from an early age. After the seed is planted, it is covered with a film. After germination, it is necessary to help the seedling to break through the shackles of the plastic film and not to allow the grass to grow conveniently. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the space around the seedling. The next step is to wait for it to grow to a certain height. In order to restrain its crazy growth, it is necessary to pinch the tip and repair the branches. Waiting for the cotton to blossom and bear fruit, I finally waited for the cotton to bear. At this time, it also ushered in relatively rainy weather. In order not to let the cotton get wet in the rain, my mother went to the fields to pick cotton very early every day, and even didn't go home for dinner at noon. She didn't go home until very late. She never seemed tired from such work day after day. The cotton was finally picked, and the last step was to pull out the cotton pole and clean up the plastic film in the field. Diligence, is engraved in her bones, is the same quality of their generation.

Every food, they think of the hardships of the crops; every garment, they think of the hardships of weaving. Always thinking about the hard-won life now is the effort of a generation. Diligence and thrift do not need to be earth-shattering, do not need to be vigorous, need to take it as a habit, contained in 1.1 drops, raise your hand and cast your foot.

                                            Wang Yanyan


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