Honesty and dedication innovation

Based on one's own duty, be a qualified Xinhai person.




De Ze is deep, honest in heart, loyal to Xinhai, dare to be the first, respected leaders, judges, staff and friends on the scene, good morning, I am Wang Jinfeng from the hydrocracking workshop, and the topic of my speech today is "Based on my job, be a qualified Xinhai person".

After stopping and looking back, I started to transfer and combine in eleven years. In eleven years, I jumped three steps, starting from scratch, and took advantage of the situation. From 20 to 22 years, in these three years, Xinhai has gone up against the current and has undergone a historic change, and has been listed on the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises. Every Xinhai people are witnesses, participants and writers of history. Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation", Xinhai has achieved a win-win situation between production and operation and epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, we should strengthen the construction of scenic spots and stride forward with the goal of "synchronizing the world, leading China, and building intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprises. The achievements are not easy to come by. This is the result of how many Xinhai front-line workers "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind their mission, stand on their own duty, and sweat silently.

"Based on one's own duty, be grateful and forge ahead, and be loyal and responsible". I want to have a grateful heart first. Know how to be grateful, do know how to repay, is a person of noble character. As a Chinese, I want to be grateful to my motherland. It is the land of the motherland that nurtures me and the rain and dew of the motherland that nourish my growth. As a female employee, I want to be grateful to my company. It is the company that has given me a job and space for development. The female workers who fight on the front line of work are very ordinary and have no heroic words. They just work silently in their ordinary jobs. They are also very dazzling and always maintain the enthusiasm of "taking on practical work and overcoming difficulties". With full spirit and high morale, they stand proudly in their jobs.

"Based on their own duties, love their jobs, and fulfill their duties". I want to have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, love my job, devote all my body and mind to work, and always abide by the job concept of "one minute on duty, 60 seconds of due diligence. There is a saying that "if you are not high, you will be famous if you love your post; if you are not deep, you can work hard." you see, no matter whether it is windy or rainy, the female employees of the quality inspection department rush about at various sampling points every day, and they do not neglect the dirty and smelly sampling points. There is no distinction between high and low in work itself, but there is a difference between high and low in attitude towards work. Without ordinary love and dedication, there is no great dedication. Doing ordinary things well is extraordinary, and doing easy things well is not easy. The deeper the root, the higher the tree grows; the more solid the step, the farther the road goes.

Their images of daring to struggle, dare to innovate, strong and brave fully carry forward the spirit of "women are not inferior to men". They dedicate their light and heat to Xinhai and establish a glorious image of professional women in the new era. "Do things with a sense of responsibility and be a man with gratitude", these big words have been hanging on the wall of our office, always alerting us, because only by doing these can we be worthy of being a qualified Xinhai person.

Finally, I want to say to the girls:

Love yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of romance. No matter when it is the year of beauty, I hope you can pursue your dreams and meet a bright future. I hope you are not confused by your age, not trapped in your figure, independent and confident, proud and free. I hope you become your own sun and don't need to borrow anyone's light. Because your heart will come, I wish you a happy Goddess Festival!

My speech is over, thank you!

Wang Jinfeng

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