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(From Ning Yanan, Food and Beverage Department)
In accordance with the requirements of the board of directors, President Hu organized a special meeting on "safety, health, and code of conduct" and put forward specific standards and requirements. After the meeting, in order to enhance the soft power of the enterprise, the catering department, under the leadership of the director, formed a long-term mutual help and cooperation unit with the fire brigade, which exchanged and learned in the aspects of internal affairs, mental outlook, safety, etc. Captain Li Xudong of the fire brigade attached great importance to this cooperation, arranged trainers reasonably, and prepared courseware in advance in his spare time, which gave great support and help to the restaurant work.
First of all, the director arranged for us to start with the internal affairs. To tell the truth, before I visited and studied, I was personally quite satisfied with the internal affairs work of the restaurant, because the internal affairs standard of the restaurant has been constantly revised and improved. As a team leader, I have to check the internal affairs and hygiene of the staff dormitory every week. Although some minor problems will be found during the inspection, the overall situation has remained stable and improved, especially through long-term ideological education work, the change of thinking and the improvement of cognitive level of all the staff in the restaurant are still very gratifying. However, after visiting the fire dormitory, I was shocked by the uniformity and neatness of the hygiene, bedding and articles in their dormitory. I found that there was still a big gap between us and the internal standards of the fire brigade. After the visit, we had a discussion and exchange. Through the discussion and exchange, we had a deeper understanding of the internal hygiene work.
Before the exchange and study, I understood that the internal affairs work was limited to the construction of enterprise civilization and the creation of a comfortable and clean working and living environment. Through the exchange and study, I learned that the internal affairs construction of the army is the basis for all kinds of construction of the army and an important guarantee for consolidating and improving the combat effectiveness. In ancient Chinese classics, there are records about the internal affairs work of the army. The army has a saying: go out to see the queue, this shows the importance of housekeeping. Through studying, I am deeply aware of the long-term development of enterprises, and housekeeping is equally important. President of the meeting often say that details determine success or failure. If employees can't be strict with themselves even in such small matters as internal affairs, their discipline and obedience will only get worse and worse with the passage of time. Therefore, internal affairs work is definitely not doing superficial work. To a certain extent, it can also exercise the patience of employees. As a modern enterprise, the equipment is more and more precise and the process is more and more complex, if employees can not be careful and patient, a little carelessness may cause incalculable losses due to operational errors, so it is absolutely necessary to maintain good housekeeping and hygiene habits for a long time.
Through this exchange and study, I have a deeper understanding of the importance of internal affairs work, and I can better realize the chairman's good intentions in strict requirements for health work. The important thing is to find our own shortcomings and strengthen the confidence and determination of all staff in our restaurant to do a good job in internal affairs and health work.

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