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Autumn in Xinhai


Author:Coking Li Chenyu



Summer is not over, autumn is the first sight. Stepping into Xinhai, peaches, pears and hawthorns on both sides of Lanma Road bent the branches. The wind at night also brought a trace of coolness, and the blowing people were extremely comfortable. The overhaul in full swing is slowly coming to an end as autumn approaches.

The unusually sultry early autumn, a group"Maintenance youth", they are full of passion and vitality, "green" force "green" for, "sweat" Wei maintenance, showing the unique responsibility and responsibility of Xinhai people. The maintenance task is heavy and the time is tight. They play the core spirit of taking the factory as their home and stay at the installation site day and night. Under the high temperature of more than 30 degrees, it was sweat that wet the blue work clothes and dyed them into dark blue. They guarded the safety of the equipment. Don't shout tired and bitter, not afraid of dirty and difficult, get into the closed tower and the tank with unpleasant smell, and clean up the rust and sanitary dead corners at 1.1 points. I deeply admire the resolute faces one by one. They are the most beautiful scenery line this autumn.

The company's heatstroke prevention items are timely and effectively distributed to every employee, such as watermelon, ice cream, heatstroke prevention drugs, etc. Everyone feels the real care from the company, and the inner satisfaction eliminates the fatigue of every maintenance personnel. The employees did not have time to go home, so the leaders led the team to hold the hands of their parents, listened carefully to the voices of their families, and solved the problems for the employees. In addition, it has extended the public holidays for us. No matter how busy we are, we must have time to rest. The strong care warms our hearts.

    Safety is greater than days. Under the high temperature weather, the on-site operation environment is complicated, and our guardians shuttle in the construction team."Wearing safety helmets and tying safety ropes" has become their verbal cicadas. They don't let go of small things, firmly guard the safety of the device, and there will always be gains if they pay, which greatly reduces the possibility of safety accidents. The three-month guardianship work ended and handed in a satisfactory answer in autumn.

More than half of the 2023 has passed, and everyone has already packed up their mood and continued to forge ahead in the autumn to promote the normal operation and production of the device, and to open up the upcoming whole process with full confidence. Autumn, here we come!


Coking workshop Li Chenyu

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