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Author:Wang Zhiquan



I am very honored to be able to participate in the video training course for the main responsible persons of dangerous goods enterprises across the country to implement the main responsibility of production safety, and the learning and training of the main classroom of the Central Party School. Participate in training, study and discussion throughout the process, and do not ask for leave in absentia. This training is the most systematic, comprehensive and highest standard study in my life, and I have gained a lot. There has been a great improvement in ideology and understanding. Through this class, I met many outstanding domestic entrepreneurs, communicated with them in private, and learned a lot of good experience. I am very fortunate to be assigned to the first group of learning. On the first day, Vice Minister Sun Guangyu of the Emergency Management Department participated in the first group of discussions, which gave me the opportunity to report to the leaders of the Ministry on the situation of the enterprise and listen to the instructions of the leaders of the Ministry in person. I was very happy.

1. learning experience

At the opening ceremony of the (I), Minister Wang Xiangxi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department, profoundly explained the spirit of studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches and instructions on production safety, and promoting high-quality development with high-level production safety management. The deep feelings of the people, the responsibility, "must not be at the expense of human lives" this red line of safe production, and establish the goal of "development is for the people's happy life. If even the safety of life cannot be guaranteed, there is no way to talk about the happiness of the people. Therefore, we must take the responsibility of being uneasy at all times to do our best to ensure safe production, establish a long-term mechanism, and pay close attention to the details. When there is a conflict between production and safety, safety must be put in the first place. It is necessary to deeply understand the important expositions of the general secretary, fully implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, scientific prevention, and source governance. In-depth implementation of the seven responsibilities stipulated in the Safety Production Law, so that responsibilities are implemented, investment is in place, training is in place, and emergency response is in place. Fully realize the importance of improving leadership to realize enterprise safety production, and understand the decisive role that the main person in charge of the enterprise should play in the safety production of the enterprise. Make scientific decisions, keep a clear mind at all times, prevent and resolve hidden dangers of accidents, firmly hold the bottom line, the red line cannot be touched, and weave a dense and solid safety risk protection net. Comrade Xie Chuntao, Executive Vice President of the Central Party School, explained in simple terms the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress, looking at problems from the perspective of development, safeguarding fairness and justice, and the happiness of the people, with the goal of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The people are supreme and life is the basic requirement for the high-quality development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Establishing safe development is the premise and guarantee of high-quality development. The full realization of Chinese-style modernization is the fundamental task at present. These great goals have increased my mission to grasp the work of production safety.

(II) Minister Sun Guangyu, member of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department, said, "Keep in mind that the country is the biggest, take the initiative to spontaneously implement the main responsibility, and weave a tight safety production prevention and control network for hazardous chemicals". With their own years of business practice and government work experience. This paper comprehensively analyzes and expounds the essence of the work center of hazardous chemical enterprises to do a good job in production safety, which has strong operability, and uses General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety work to bring it into production safety management, consciously practice the concept of safety development, and always put the people's life safety in the first place. The general secretary is very clear, very strong, and very firm in demanding that we should firmly establish that development should not be at the expense of human lives, fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, and effectively curb the occurrence of major accidents. Life is more important than Mount Tai. Party committees and governments at all levels must put safety in production in an important position and firmly establish the concept of safety development. We must not only focus on development, but not safety. And to adhere to the leadership of the party into the work of production safety, adhere to the people-oriented, people first. The protection of human life in the first place, from the source to prevent and resolve security risks. Minister Sun's concept of "safety is 1, everything else is zero behind 1" is something I will never forget for many years. It is not foolproof. Once an accident occurs, everything will be lost and everything will return to zero. Central enterprises must take the lead in safe production in order to achieve two safeguards. Private enterprises must operate in accordance with the law, operate in accordance with the law, keep the bottom line, promote entrepreneurship, shoulder social responsibilities, move forward, and focus on prevention., Remove risks from the source and never forget. The theory of active and passive grasping makes me not forget to keep in mind the great power of production safety, improve political judgment, political understanding and political execution, and put safety work in place. Focusing on one defense and three improvements, we must adhere to the six musts, that is, we must adhere to the supremacy of the people, we must adhere to self-confidence and self-reliance, we must adhere to integrity and innovation, we must adhere to problem orientation, we must adhere to the concept of system, and we must adhere to the mind of the world. Prevent major safety risks, improve the level of intrinsic safety, improve the quality and skill level of personnel, and improve the quality and efficiency of modern means of safety management.

Highlight the "four-all" management, establish that any accident is preventable and avoidable, and the pursuit of zero accidents and zero injuries will have the best results. Safety management should focus on the big and not let go of the small, grasp the small and prevent the big and see the big with the small. Safety in production should be awed, not indifferent and other concepts should be taken as the motto of our enterprise.

2. Action Plan for the Application of Learning

The first thing in the (I) is to quickly convey this learning harvest to the senior management of the company. According to the instructions of Minister Wang Xiangxi, we should seize the key minority to fully promote the safety management level of the enterprise, fully implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, assume social responsibility, and help the development of social security.

(II) comprehensively sort out the full-staff safety production responsibility system, adhere to the top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top repeated brewing, fully demonstrate, truly realize the full-staff safety production responsibility system from horizontal to side, vertical to the bottom, and strengthen the assessment by reflecting on our existing system, so that grass-roots employees can not only write it down, but also dictate it clearly and put it in place.

(III) increase the intensity of training and assessment, and give full play to the role of teachers and apprentices, so that everyone can be responsible, responsible, and accident-free.

(IV) comprehensively sort out the guarantee responsibility system for major hazard sources, ensure that major hazard sources are within the scope of safety risk monitoring and supervision, weave a strong safety risk control network, and ensure the safe development of enterprises.

(V) comprehensively inspect the instrument automation system to ensure that the chain is put into operation and regulated within the effective range, check and improve the independent instrument system to ensure the safety of tank storage and eliminate the safety risks in the major hazard source area.

(VI) deepen the construction of dual prevention mechanism, make use of digital information platform, give full play to the role of intelligent center, put hidden danger investigation and risk prevention and control into practice, and prevent accident risk from the source.

3. safety production work difficult

(I) work safety is a dynamic process of change, yesterday's safety can not represent tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, so it is necessary to tighten the mind at all times, unremittingly repeat some work, uncertainty, ideological pressure, advance preventive work can not relax thinking for a moment.

The rapid development of (II) enterprises, the slow adaptation of post personnel, the low proportion of skilled workers, personnel training and personnel flow have always been the main contradictions perplexing the development of enterprises. Therefore, education and training have always been the highlight of enterprises. Risk identification and insufficient emergency response capabilities are also the root causes of accidents. Many accidents are related to people. Therefore, increasing personnel management and personnel education and training are still my key tasks in the recent period.


Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of the Supervisors




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