Enterprise spirit:Honesty, integrity, dedication, innovation

Corporate Mission:Create value for society, create benefits for shareholders, and achieve mutual achievements between enterprises and employees.

Corporate Vision:Sustainable development, everlasting foundation, build a production base of 10 million tons of refining and chemical integration

Work style:It's up to you to decide, to do it, to implement it, and to really cash it in.


Safety concept:People-oriented, safety for the day

Management concept:The system manages people, the process manages things, the mechanism increases motivation, and the culture unites people.

Thrifty concept:Diligence is a cash cow, frugality is a cornucopia, and saving is profit.

Post concept:One minute on duty, 60 seconds due diligence

Employing philosophy:Take morality as the foundation, have both ability and political integrity, give full play to their strengths and make the best use of their talents.