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(From Zhang Yong of hydrocracking workshop)
Unconsciously, in Xinhai this big family has spent seven years. Recalling the green years of the past, there are always so many people and things still fresh in my memory. What impressed me most was what happened during a daily inspection of the device two years ago.
At that time, the aviation kerosene hydrogenation unit was in the driving stage, and our class was the first night shift. As usual, I conduct regular inspections of the installation. When patrolling the fractionation air-cooling platform, a slightly abnormal sound came into my ears. When I looked for the sound and continued to move towards the air-cooling direction of the main stripper, a peculiar smell came to my nostrils. I immediately realized that there should be a leak, and my accompanying colleagues immediately evacuated to the upwind area. Then wear air respirator to arrive at the scene in time to find the leak. Finally, the leakage point was found at the elbow of the air-cooled outlet pipeline, which was caused by the cracking of the pipe fittings. I immediately reported to the workshop leader on duty. After confirmation on site, leaders organized personnel to carry out emergency treatment to avoid the expansion of leakage accident.
We should guard against the slime and avoid losing the big because of the small. In the production line, we should be more responsible and careful about our daily work. Accidents originate from micro-ends, and injuries begin with carelessness. Production is no small matter, safety is no small matter. Accident hazards and safety hazards, no matter how small or small, must be eliminated in time. In our work, we should fully mobilize our eyes, ears, nose and hands, find abnormalities in the device in time, and try our best to deal with them. and nip the hidden dangers of accidents in the bud. Be a careful person, as small as a valve, a flange, a screw, should be taken seriously.
As the safety month is coming, let's keep up with the pace of the company and follow the leadership's policy. Be good at discovering, actively looking for potential safety hazards in the device, and contribute to the long-term stability of our device production. For the cause we love, go all out.

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