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Xinhai has been stable for ten years.




Ten years of hard work, Yu Ru Yu Cheng, ten years of Xinhai expansion, is a decade of hard work, a decade of opportunities and challenges, a decade of giving back to society, and a decade of working together with Xinhai people. Our achievements today are obvious to all, and we all understand, this is achieved under the chairman's far-sighted and wise decision-making, the far-sighted command of the senior leaders, and the unremitting struggle of Xinhai people with one heart and one mind. We should be grateful. Thanksgiving enterprises provide us with a platform to spread our youthful blood. Thanksgiving enterprises provide us with a solid material guarantee. Thanksgiving enterprises trust every Xinhai person's persistent persistence and dedication. In the face of the past and achievements of the past ten years, I feel very proud and proud. Since joining Xinhai in 2011, I have been working hand in hand and sharing weal and woe for ten years. I have already integrated into Xinhai. I have witnessed his transformation, his frustration and his success, and gradually entered the hall of honor. I believe that I will witness and participate in his glory for decades or even centuries to come.
The recurrence of the new crown epidemic, the Chinese government's proactive measures to fight the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games Chinese athletes have achieved remarkable results, I believe that every Chinese heart is proud of their own in China and proud, there is a country to have a home, in the strong protection of the motherland, we can imagine a bright future. Xinhai Group, which withstood the pressure, while pursuing the high-quality development of the enterprise, has made great efforts to give back to the society: charitable donations, new rural construction, pollution reduction and emission reduction, showing a broad sense of family and country. For every Xinhai person, the company raises wages, pays various subsidies, pays various benefits and improves various benefits. Like his closest relatives, he always wants to share good things with us immediately. It is under the strong protection of the motherland and the strong support of the group company that our small family has a stable and warm barrier. Therefore, we should know how to be grateful and repay everything we get with practical actions, as the chairman of the board said in his speech: ideologically, we should flaunt our corporate beliefs, be loyal to Xinhai, love the enterprise, always be grateful, treat our work and life with full positive energy, and stick to our dreams. In action, we must strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations and restrict personal behavior, strictly implement the company's policies and policies, tighten the rope of safety, love and work hard, actively learn professional knowledge, forge ahead, work hard, unite sincerely, truly play the leading role of middle-level cadres, unite employees closely around the group, and make unremitting efforts for a brighter and better future of Xinhai.
On the road of struggle, we are never alone. The party and the country lead the people of the whole country and make unremitting efforts for the prosperity and prosperity of the nation; Xinhai's high-level leadership team leads us to forge ahead for Xinhai to be stronger. We will not forget to grow up together with Xinhai and create brilliant original intention together. We will base ourselves on our posts, keep our feet on the ground, constantly overcome difficulties in our work, and become more qualified and excellent Xinhai people.
(From Xing Chengyun, Technology Development Department)

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