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Training in my eyes




(From Tian Rui, hydrocracking workshop)
The neatly arranged solid wood tables and chairs, the wall of the company's discipline, the company's badge training, and the spacious "classroom" are clean and spotless, with a hint of seriousness and standardization. This "classroom" is Xinhai's employee home-one of its functions is to serve as a training base for new employees, receiving and sending away batch after batch of new employees. When I first entered Xinhai, I needed layers of training and assessment. The first layer of company-level training gave me a general understanding of the company's rules and regulations, production technology, equipment and facilities, and the concept of safety responsibility, as well as a further understanding of Xinhai.
The training is always strict, and everyone needs to recite the key contents of the training skillfully to reach the level of passing the examination results. At the beginning, I may not know much about the necessity of some rules and regulations, just like memorizing ancient poems when I was a child. I didn't know the meaning of the poems before memorizing them, but after all of them were kept in mind, the teacher's explanation would be more profound and the poems would become easy to understand.
After the company-level training, I was assigned to the hydrocracking workshop. Like a mouse, I came to this workshop and after a month and a half of workshop-level training, not only was I no longer unfamiliar and alienated, but I gradually integrated into their production and life. Most of the leaders who train us are relatively young, but their knowledge base is rich and flexible. Even if they are busy at work, they will not hesitate to comment whenever they are free. The training in the workshop was very systematic and comprehensive, which enabled me, a novice, to quickly master the production process and strengthen my understanding of the equipment and facilities in the workshop.
Not long ago, I was immediately assigned to the first class of Jiaxianhe, and started my team-level training. I followed my master to learn DCS operating system, various team systems and work contents. Less than three months after I came to Xinhai, my notes were almost full of one book. I had a sense of accomplishment, but I was ashamed to see that the master's notebook was big and thick, more than one book. There are still many things to learn, the most rare thing is valuable experience, but even my experienced master has been teaching himself the equipment process of the new device. I am really lucky to have such a humble and studious master leading me forward.
These three months have been full of harvest, and I have established a deep friendship with "Xinhai" classmates. To be honest, I was still confused before I came here, but the company's rigorous and responsible attitude made me strengthen my original intention: the company treats me seriously, I will study humbly, work hard to improve myself, and hope to do my part and help the company's stride forward!

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