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Xinhai's Song of Youth




(from the heavy asphalt workshop to fly)
On November 22, as usual, I hurried out of the Monday training class and flashed across the exhibition wall. I was attracted by an old photo with very low pixels and stopped. The old photo has a wall full of oil stains and scratches, a folder that does not hold a piece of paper, and a PLC console that does not look very sensitive. These are actually set off by the valiant posture of two people standing one by one.
A literary image quickly appeared in my mind-Lin Daojing. Lin Daojing is the protagonist of the novel "Song of Youth". Through continuous self-awareness and ideological sublimation, she finally threw herself into the great wave of national revolution and realized her own value. And sitting in the photo is Lu Xiangling, our elder sister in the asphalt workshop. Look at the name, this is an authentic, simple and sincere rural baby. She was 19 years old and joined the company in 2001. She has been working for 20 years. It can be said that she left the most beautiful years of her life in Xinhai. Now that she is nearly 40 years old, she is still diligently doing the job of internal operation. She has never asked for leave, never arrived late or left early. Day after day, year after year, she has devoted herself to the development wave of Xinhai. Lin Daojing witnessed the changes of Chinese society, while Lu Xiangling's elder sister witnessed the changes of Xinhai.
In "On the Coalition Government," Chairman Mao argued that "the people, and only the people, are the driving force behind the creation of world history". I have heard that some employees of German companies can be employed by a company for life, and some of them have been working until retirement in state-owned enterprises. So as private enterprises, can we recruit them and keep them? Can we have more Lv Xiangling? I think it must be possible. How to do it? Chairman Mao has pointed out the way for us decades, that is, "serving the people", and in enterprises, "serving employees". We should treat employees as brothers and sisters and friends, not as enemies and tools. We should persuade and punish employees more and less, and guide them to join Xinhai construction, because only employees are the driving force to create enterprises.
Young friends, let's learn from Lu Xiangling and sing our own song of youth together.

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