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Safety production starts with me.




(From Wang Zhudong, Quality Inspection Center)
Through the study of the "Safety Production Accident Case Bulletin" issued by the company, I realized that I should strengthen the concept of "advanced awareness" and "prevention first" in my work. Through several cases in the "Safety Production Accident Case Bulletin", I know that once a production safety accident occurs, it will bring a series of social problems and irreparable economic losses, even if it is too late to add a few more "don't let go. In the implementation of the "safety first" work must follow the principle of "prevention first", through the state of the equipment, maintenance management, effectively prevent the equipment maintenance or maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, improve the utilization rate of equipment. Furthermore, it is necessary to strengthen personal safety technical training and improve their own safety awareness. Improving one's own quality is not only the requirement of safety production management, but also the need of enterprise development. In the team performance appraisal, one should combine one's own safety knowledge, safety technology level and business ability to make one have higher skills, strong analysis and judgment and emergency handling ability, and realize the transformation of safety work "I want to be safe-I want to be safe-I know safety-I will be safe.
Safe production is the top priority of the enterprise. In the future work, I will earnestly implement the company's safe production policy, earnestly implement the company's safe production management concept, and put safe production work in my own professional value.

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