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Xinhai Holding Group Launching Snow Sweeping and Deicing Operations to Ensure Safe and Smooth Operation of Devices




The cold wind and snow arrived, and Xinhai was covered with silver. Heavy snow has brought inconvenience and potential safety hazards to production devices and vehicles. On November 7, Xinhai Holding Group arranged overnight to quickly organize all units to carry out snow and deicing operations, and all devices were cleaned up and transported on site to ensure the safe and stable operation of the devices.
Early the next morning, the cadres and employees once again braved the severe cold to clean up the scene. Everyone had an orderly division of labor, tacit cooperation, and full of energy. The cold wind was bitter and the work clothes were soaked, but this did not affect everyone's motivation at all. With the joint efforts of everyone, the snow in the office building, installation area and square was cleaned up in a very short time, and the road surface was restored to its former smooth and clean.
This snow sweeping and deicing operation tested Xinhai's emergency response capabilities under harsh weather conditions, and reflected Xinhai people's excellent style of defying difficulties and being able to fight and a good sense of teamwork.

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