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Xinhai Party Committee Launching "Welcome to the Twenty Volunteers I Go First" Sanitary Cleanup Activities




In order to welcome the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress and create a clean, beautiful, civilized and orderly factory environment, on October 13, Xinhai Party Committee organized a "Welcome to the 20th National Congress of Volunteers and I Go First" health clean-up activity. Party members and League members of various units enthusiastically participated in the activities.
The scope of this sanitary cleaning is the accumulation of garbage in the frequent parking places and green belts of truck drivers on Nanshugang Road. At the event site, the volunteers wore red vests, masks, gloves, and clips to pick up garbage and sundries. They worked in groups of three or five, cooperated with each other, and carried forward the spirit of not being afraid of dirt and tiredness. They completed the cleaning in the morning. jobs.
This volunteer practice activity further beautified the surrounding environment of Xinhai factory area, created a clean and tidy sanitary environment, and welcomed the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with a new look.

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