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Party Branch of Quality Inspection Center Launches Party Member Organization Life Meeting




In order to effectively improve the ideological style of party members and cadres, fulfill the obligations of party members, and play an exemplary role, in accordance with the party constitution, and implement the general requirements of "looking in the mirror, dressing up, taking a bath, and treating diseases", on June 29, the party branch of the quality inspection center carried out criticism and self-criticism and democratic evaluation of party members.
The meeting first conveyed the spirit of the instructions of the higher-level party committee meeting, and then party members carried out criticism and self-criticism and democratic evaluation in turn. Finally, the branch secretary summarized the special organization life meeting.
The development of this meeting enabled every party member to receive a Marxist mass line education, and further strengthened party members to play a pioneering and leading role, advanced and exemplary role, strengthen their bodies, perform their duties, and create a harmonious and progressive workshop atmosphere.

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