Xinhai Group Party Committee Held a Celebration of the 101 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and "July 1" Commendation Conference



On July 1, the party Committee of Xinhai group celebrated the 101 anniversary of the founding of the party and the "July 1" commendation meeting was solemnly held in the conference center of the marketing building. party Committee secretary and president Liu fulu, vice president Liu Jianping, deputy secretary of the party Committee Wang Zhiquan, chief financial officer Teng Yongsheng and more than 160 branch secretaries, middle-level management cadres, party members and party activists attended the meeting.
On behalf of the party committee, Liu Fulu, secretary of the party committee and president, extended holiday greetings to the majority of party members and made an important speech in conjunction with the company's party building.
First, firm ideals and beliefs, the firm direction of the enterprise. The second is to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, highlighting the enterprise responsibility. Three is to enrich the corporate culture, strict work discipline. Strictly use the work concept of "convenient implementation of management services" to require oneself, and continue to build Xinhai Holdings' "cultural business card" of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation". The fourth is to strengthen organizational construction and consolidate the foundation of party building. Xinhai Party Committee has continuously improved the institutionalization, standardization and scientific level of the party's organizational construction. Fifth, pay attention to caring for employees and share corporate dividends. Xinhai Party Committee will continue to think about what employees think, be anxious about what employees are anxious about, continuously improve the level of employee treatment, and make continuous efforts to create a harmonious and friendly corporate atmosphere. Liu Fulu, Secretary of the Party Committee and President, emphasized: I hope that all party members and cadres will continue to actively and deeply study the party's history, inherit the red gene, further enhance the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four confidences", and achieve the "two maintenance" ", strengthen ideals and beliefs, keep the original aspiration and mission, contribute to Xinhai's green, high-quality, and sustainable development, and realize Xinhai's stable and long-term development, with excellent results to meet the party's 20 great victory held!
the meeting was presided over by wang Zhiquan, deputy secretary of the party committee.
At the beginning of the meeting, everyone stood up and sang the national anthem.
All party members solemnly swear to the bright red party flag.
The conference also commended advanced party branches, advanced party groups, advanced party member responsibility areas, outstanding party members, and outstanding party activists. Representatives of outstanding Communist Party members, advanced party branches, advanced party groups, and advanced party member responsibility areas took the stage to speak.

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