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Food and Beverage Department Held Culinary Post Skills Competition



In order to further improve the professional skills of chefs and better serve employees with excellent cooking skills, the catering department held a cooking job skills competition at 1 pm on January 9.
The chefs competed in five aspects: prescribed dishes, optional dishes, special dishes, special pasta, and creative West Point. At the competition site, the chefs showed their unique skills to compete, and exquisite dishes were presented in front of the judges one after another. Not only the color, flavor and taste are complete, but also the nutrition is balanced. The judges tasted and evaluated the taste, texture and perception of the dishes, and finally awarded the winners the honorary certificates.
Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the supervisor, commented on the dishes and made a concluding speech. He said that the activity showed the cooking skill level of the staff of the catering department, and conducted a test on the work of the catering department. He hoped that the cadres and employees of the catering department would make persistent efforts to produce more nutritious and balanced food for the employees, so that the employees could eat healthily and well, and devote themselves to the production and operation of the enterprise.

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