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Xinhai Holding Group organized three-system certification internal auditor training




For three consecutive days from June 24 to 26, Xinhai Holding Group conducted three-system certification internal auditor training in the conference center on the sixth floor of the marketing center. This time, nearly 100 employees participated in the training. The certification of the three systems is an important way for enterprise management to be standardized. Through training, it aims to improve the internal auditor's knowledge of the three systems and master the internal audit operation procedures of the system, and create conditions for external audit.
This training is delivered by professionals from Cangzhou Sigma Standardization Service Co., Ltd. hired by the company. The training content focuses on the three system standards of quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management system. Combined with the characteristics and cases of internal and external audit, theory and practice, the various links and solutions of the internal audit of the three systems are analyzed in detail, help the internal auditors who participate in the training to master and use the system management tools to effectively solve the outstanding problems in practice and improve the management level.

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