Xinhai Holding Group Held the 7th Safety Knowledge Competition



In order to thoroughly implement the 21st "safe production month" nationwide, enhance employees' safety awareness and improve employees' safety working ability, Xinhai Holding Group held the 7th safety knowledge competition in the conference activity center on June 28, with supervisor chairman Wang Zhiquan and deputy general manager Xu Weijing serving as judges.
After layers of screening, six representative teams stood out and advanced to the finals. The competition is divided into three parts: required questions, rush questions and risk questions. Each team does not show weakness and vies to answer questions. The atmosphere on the court is very tense. In the risk question link, each participating team seized the opportunity to overtake and answered the question carefully, testing everyone's courage and courage. During the competition, interactive questions were also interspersed to arouse the enthusiasm of the employees.
After fierce competition, the maintenance workshop won the first prize; the second hydrogenation workshop and the third hydrogenation workshop won the second prize; the hydrocracking workshop, the finished product workshop and the continuous reforming workshop won the third prize.
Finally, Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the board of supervisors, commented on the competition activities. Through this safety knowledge competition, we witnessed the strength of the participating teams, and also created a good learning atmosphere for the employees. It played the purpose of promoting learning and training by competition, and achieved the effect of the activity. I hope everyone will continue to work hard, continue to maintain a good learning atmosphere, link theory with practice, focus on implementation, and make greater contributions to the company's safe production and stability.

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