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Xinhai Chemical Industry Group Launches Comprehensive Fire Emergency Drill for Hazardous Chemicals Leakage




At about 21:35 p. m. on June 14, Xinhai Chemical Group carried out a comprehensive emergency drill for the leakage and fire of hazardous chemicals in the liquefied gas tank area to further test the safety and fire emergency preparedness of the whole plant.
In this exercise, the lower flange of the safety valve on the top of the spherical tank 319-2 propylene tank in the liquefied gas tank area was opened to cause a fire, and the company-level emergency plan was started. During the drill, the plan was launched quickly and in a timely manner, the organization and command were scientific and orderly, the coordination of departments was in place, the participants were busy but not chaotic, and the order was in order. From the occurrence of accidents to fire safety hazards, they demonstrated good emergency response capabilities.
After the drill, vice president Liu Jianping commented on the emergency drill. The drill basically achieved the drill effect, but also exposed some problems and deficiencies. It is hoped that all participating units will seriously summarize the problems in the drill, rectify and correct them in time, improve the emergency response capacity of safety accidents, and lay a solid foundation for enterprise safety production.

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