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2 Hydrogenation Workshop to Carry out Emergency Treatment Training for Power-off Accident of Unit




Thunderstorm weather is approaching in summer. In order to improve the emergency handling ability of the plant operators to deal with thunderstorm and power-shaking accidents, Du Xiaojin, assistant of the No.2 Hydrogenation Workshop, conducted emergency handling training for the team members on the power-off accident of diesel upgrading unit and hydrogen production unit on May 16.
The lecturers explained in detail the abnormal phenomena, accident handling steps, personnel division of labor and matters needing attention of the accident, which were in line with the actual treatment, clear and concise. The staff listened carefully and took notes, and had a warm discussion on the doubtful points and difficulties.
This training has deepened the workshop operates' mastery of handling power-shaking accidents, enhanced the workshop employees' rapid response ability to deal with thunderstorms and power-shaking emergencies, and improved the workshop emergency management ability.

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