Concentric anti-epidemic see action in front of the epidemic.



Recently, Cangzhou consecutive days of confirmed cases, prevention and control of the situation is grim and complex. Xinhai Holding Group, in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control arrangements of Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Bohai New District Party Working Committee and Administrative Committee, Cangzhou has implemented strict control over the whole area. According to the requirements of the chairman and president, the company started the factory closure procedure. All cadres and employees returned to the factory overnight on March 12. More than 2000 cadres and employees heard the order, followed the order, returned to the factory in an orderly manner, and made every effort to fight against the epidemic and ensure production.
An epidemic is an order, and epidemic prevention is a responsibility. Volunteers, composed of cadres and employees of logistics-related departments, took the initiative to fight and devoted themselves to nucleic acid testing without hesitation. More than 2000 employees and nearly 800 construction workers entered the gymnasium in an orderly manner for nucleic acid testing. Xinhai volunteers maintained order, orderly guidance, high efficiency and speed. The volunteers wore thick protective clothing and, like medical staff, turned into "white clothes" to provide testing services patiently and carefully. Everyone had only one idea in mind, that is, to complete nucleic acid collection as soon as possible and buy more time for national nucleic acid testing.
With one heart and one mind, there is no mountain that cannot be turned over. Heart to hand, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed. In the face of this epidemic, Xinhai people did not hesitate to work in the forefront, walk in the front, show the responsibility of large enterprises, and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. The cold winter has passed, and the spring will not stand up. May the epidemic situation disperse as soon as possible and all the mountains and rivers be safe!

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