Love Donation Helps Anti-Epidemic Da Ai Xin Hai Yong Take on



After the outbreak in Cangzhou, Xinhai Chemical Group actively assumed social responsibility and had the courage to assume it. Actively take action, actively donate money and materials, and provide strong protection and loving support for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The municipal red cross society was contacted at the first time and donated 3.3 million yuan worth of nucleic acid testing materials to support the prevention and control of the epidemic in Cangzhou.
On March 19, the Group once again donated 650000 yuan of materials to front-line workers in nucleic acid testing to support the anti-epidemic front-line with practical actions.
As a large private enterprise in Cangzhou City, Xinhai Chemical Group has a strong sense of the overall situation and responsibility, in the face of the severe epidemic, Xinhai Chemical Group is willing to connect with the people of Cangzhou, overcome the difficulties together, form a strong joint force to fight the epidemic, and resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control war.

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