Closed operation, guaranteed production, added impetus to fight the epidemic.



In order to achieve a decisive victory in the fight against the epidemic, Xinhai Holding Group implemented a closed operation. The chairman and president sympathize with employees. Considering the inconvenience of employees in life during the closed period, various measures were taken to improve employees' lives. On March 17, the company's purchased apples, bananas, oranges, watermelons and other fruits were distributed to employees to help them fight the epidemic and stick to the front line.
At the collection site, the majority of employees received the fruit in an orderly manner. Although the employees who received the fruit wore masks, their joy was beyond words.
During the anti-epidemic period, the majority of cadres and employees to the factory as their home, adhere to the front line, for the company's safe and stable operation of the escort, the company will think what employees think, effectively solve the actual problems of employees, enhance the confidence of employees in the anti-epidemic, gather all Xinhai employees, and jointly win the epidemic prevention and control war.

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