Carrying Forward the Spirit of Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea and Casting Excellent Culture of Xinhai ‖ Xinhai Holding Group Held Film Watching "Changjin Lake" to Talk about Feelings



On November 9, Xinhai Holding Group's "Changjin Lake" movie was held in the conference activity center. Supervisor Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Manager Xu Weijing, Assistant General Manager Huang Zhenqiang and nearly 800 cadres and employees attended the meeting. Chief Executive Zeng Qingxian presided over the meeting.
Mr. Wang gave everyone a profound ideological and political lesson at the event. He said that only when you have faith in your heart can you have strength under your feet. Only when people have faith and firm ideals and beliefs can life have the direction to move forward and make sense. The majority of cadres and employees must integrate patriotism, love of the factory, and love of the family into all aspects of work and life. Xinhai has come to this day, relying on advanced concepts, advanced technology and steel teams. We must unswervingly follow Xinhai's development. Follow the footsteps, learn skills in the workplace, develop skills, and give full play to one's own value, which is to contribute to the enterprise and the country. Only unity can form a joint force. All units must unite as one, think in one place, and work hard in one place in order to create a miracle in Xinhai's cause.
The activity of talking about feelings is another sublimation of the theme activity of red revolution education for all staff after the company organized the red movie viewing week. The speakers at the event were passionate, deeply felt, and resonated again. They brought the audience to that era and felt the passion of the volunteer soldiers fighting the enemy and fighting for the country on the battlefield. Every employee on the scene was deeply infected. Was strongly shocked.
Born in a prosperous age, we are enjoying the peaceful sunshine of the new era. May every Xinhai person absorb the heroic spirit, inherit the red blood, and write Xinhai's magnificent and magnificent development chapter with practical actions.

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