Xinhai Holding Group Issued Summer Benefits to Care Employees for a Fresh Summer



In the hot summer, the scorching heat strikes, which brings a severe test to the employees who are fighting in the production line. In order to sympathize with the hard work of employees, ensure the first-line cool summer and safe operation, recently, under the careful organization and arrangement of the company, each employee has been given summer benefits such as watermelon, iced black tea, crystal sugar, toilet water and sneaker water, so that employees can really feel the care of the company and make everyone feel fresh and warm this summer.
The distribution of summer heatstroke prevention supplies is carried out every year by the company, and the standard is constantly improving. The prevention of hot summer reflects the humanistic care of the company's employees, and will further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to love their jobs and enhance their centripetal force and cohesion. In the future, Xinhai Holding Group will continue to adhere to the people-oriented concept, continue to improve the working environment and living environment for employees, effectively solve the needs of employees, improve the happiness index of employees, make employees have a sense of belonging and gain, and jointly create a warm and harmonious Xinhai "Home" atmosphere.

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