Xinhai Holding Group Held Launch Ceremony of "Safety Production Month" in 2022




June 2022 is the 21st "Safety Production Month" in the country. The theme of this year's Safety Production Month is "Comply with the Safety Production Law and be the first responsible person". In order to further strengthen the implementation of the safety responsibility of all employees and promote the further improvement of basic safety work, Xinhai Holding Group held a launching ceremony for the safety production month on June 1. Supervisors Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Managers Xu Weijing and Liu Jian, Assistant General Manager Han Yuesu and Xu Hao and representatives of cadres and employees of various departments attended the ceremony.
Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the board of supervisors, announced the official launch of the "safe production month" and delivered a speech. He requested that all units of the company should earnestly study and implement the new "Safety Production Law", understand the rights and obligations of the new "Safety Production Law", correctly understand the profound meaning of the first responsible person, and resolutely be the "first responsible person" and continue Improve the awareness of safety in production, improve the level of intrinsic safety, and maintain the good safety development trend of the enterprise.
After the event, the participating cadres and employees signed the banner "Abide by the Safety Production Law and be the first responsible person.
During the safety month, the company will promote the implementation of safety production work through the "five special topics" activities. Leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in safety leadership, give full play to the wisdom and strength of the majority of cadres and employees, organize and carry out the "safety production month" activities to ensure that the safety management concept of "people-oriented safety is the sky" is implemented and achieved practical results, Provide a strong guarantee for the company's safe production and high-quality development.

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