Hebei promotes digital transformation of petrochemical industry and promotes high-quality development



【Summary】Hebei promotes digital transformation of petrochemical industry and promotes high-quality development

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Original title: Hebei to promote the digital transformation of petrochemical industry
   Hebei Daily reporter Mi YanzeIn order to accelerate the digital transformation of Hebei's petrochemical industry, enhance its core competitiveness, and promote high-quality development, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the ''Hebei Petrochemical Industry Digital Transformation Action Plan (2020-2022) ''and proposed to further promote the petrochemical industry's production process Intelligence, operation and management informatization, and safety supervision networking, strengthen the construction of enterprise production dispatch centers, energy management centers and smart chemical parks, and improve the level of intelligent, green and safe development, promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the petrochemical industry in the province to achieve high-quality development.
The action goal is: by 2022, the digital transformation of the petrochemical industry in the province has achieved remarkable results, the application of industrial Internet, big data and artificial intelligence has been rapidly promoted, and a number of typical cases of digital transformation have been formed in process optimization, process control and equipment maintenance. In the field of basic chemical industry, 3 to 5 intelligent manufacturing benchmark enterprises will be cultivated. In the field of fine chemical industry, more than 15 digital workshops have been built. Promote the implementation of the construction of 2 to 3 smart chemical parks, and the level of industrial chain coordination, comprehensive energy utilization and safe production in the park has been greatly improved. Energy management centers are generally established for key energy-consuming enterprises with an annual energy consumption of more than 5000 tons of standard coal.
Accelerate the intelligent production of basic chemical industry. Strengthen the application of new sensors and intelligent instruments, and improve the measurement accuracy and intelligent level of temperature, pressure, liquid level and flow in basic chemical production. Open up the data flow of production management and create an integrated operation mode of cluster scheduling and unified command. Apply big data and artificial intelligence technology to optimize the production process and improve product quality and production stability.
Promote the flexibility of fine chemical production. Encourage enterprises to carry out intelligent instruments to replace traditional instruments, widely apply process control systems, programmable logic control technology, and improve the level of automation and intelligence in production. Support enterprises to mine production data such as process formula and product performance, form their own knowledge base, establish a simulation system based on knowledge base, and improve the ability to quickly solve customer-oriented product solutions. In view of the small batch, multi variety and personalized characteristics of fine chemical production, we should strengthen the promotion of digital workshop construction, strengthen the intelligence of customer order scheduling, and continuously improve the flexibility of production and market adaptability.
Strengthen the construction of enterprise energy management center. Promote the construction of enterprise energy management centers covering all aspects of energy production, storage, distribution and consumption, and realize centralized energy management and control. Focus on the establishment of a four-level digital energy metering system for groups, branch plants, workshops, and important energy-consuming equipment to achieve accurate measurement of the flow and consumption of major energy media such as coal and electricity. Establish a centralized energy monitoring system and an integrated energy management system.
Improve production equipment operation and maintenance capabilities. Accelerate the popularization and application of intelligent detection equipment and online monitoring technology, use analytical models and strategy management, realize predictive maintenance through real-time collection and analysis of key process parameters, effectively reduce equipment failure rate and reduce equipment operation and maintenance investment.
Improve the level of comprehensive management information. Focus on filling the petrochemical industry information weaknesses, open up the data flow of each business sector, improve the level of comprehensive management of enterprises. Support enterprises to build intelligent warehouse logistics system, improve the warehouse logistics management precision, standardization, visualization and intelligent level. With logistics as the main line, the traceability system of chemical products is established to realize the whole life cycle management of products. In the enterprise health hazards and dangerous operating environment, the use of intelligent robots instead of manual work. The safety and environmental protection monitoring information is connected to the enterprise integrated management system to reduce security risks.
Promote the construction of intelligent chemical industry park. Accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises in the park and improve the overall level of digitalization in the park. Accelerate the construction of intelligent pipe corridors and improve the intelligent level of raw materials and product transportation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the park. Promote the construction of intelligent micro-energy network in the park and improve the comprehensive utilization level of cold, heat and electricity in the park. Relying on the leading enterprises or platform service providers in the park, we will explore the construction of the park's overall logistics and energy flow control platform in a market-oriented mode to realize the efficient operation of the park and reduce the operating costs of enterprises. Focus on promoting the construction of intelligent chemical parks in Caofeidian Petrochemical Base, Cangzhou Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shijiazhuang Circular Chemical Park.
Strengthen the digital supervision of hazardous chemicals. Vigorously promote the construction of hazardous chemicals "two key and one major" production devices, storage facilities combustible gas and toxic gas leak detection and alarm devices, emergency cut-off devices, automated control systems and other systems. By the end of 2020, the equipment and utilization rate of safety monitoring and control system involving "two key points and one major" hazardous chemical production plants and storage and transportation facilities will reach 100 per cent, and the construction coverage rate of safety production risk monitoring and early warning systems for major hazard sources will reach 100 per cent.

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