Blood Donation Xinhai People Refueling for Life with Love



June 14 is the 19th World Blood Donor Day. Cangzhou Central Blood Station and various caring units jointly launched a commemorative publicity activity with the theme of "Blood donation is an act of unity. Join us and save lives. On June 16, Xinhai Holding Group once again launched a voluntary blood donation activity in conjunction with Cangzhou Central Blood Station. A total of 173 employees successfully donated blood, with a total blood donation volume of 60600ml.
The drizzling rain on that day did not affect the enthusiasm of employees to donate blood. At the blood donation site, everyone queued up consciously, filled in forms and registered in an orderly manner, initially checked blood and donated blood. Blood full of love and hope slowly flowed from employees' arms to blood storage bags. Xinhai people interpreted the power of love with actions and cheered life with love.
This event once again demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of Xinhai people to contribute to society and care for others, and jointly created a good public welfare atmosphere of "free blood donation and joint participation. At the same time, the company is scheduled to be Xinhai Free Blood Donation Day on May 16 every year, and calls on more people to join the ranks of free blood donation volunteers, contribute to the development of public welfare undertakings, and add new colors to the creation of a civilized city.

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