"10 yuan era" open! Oil prices will rise for the tenth time in the year. Fill up a box or your 14 yuan.




Today (June 14) at 24: 00, a new round of price adjustment window will be opened for domestic refined oil products. Many institutions believe that the tenth increase in domestic oil prices this year is "a certainty".



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According to Zhuochuang Information data, as of the close of trading on June 10, the domestic reference crude oil change rate on the ninth working day was 6.91, and gasoline and diesel are expected to increase by 340 yuan/ton. The equivalent price increase of 92# gasoline is increased by 0.27 yuan, 95# gasoline is increased by 0.28 yuan, and 0# diesel is increased by 0.29 yuan. Based on 50 litres, it costs 13.5 yuan more to fill a box of 92# petrol and 14 yuan more to fill a box of 95# petrol.
Yan Honghong, a refined oil analyst at Zhongyu Information, said that if this adjustment is implemented, domestic 92# gasoline will fully enter the "9 yuan era", and some areas such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan and other areas where 95# gasoline has exceeded 9.7 yuan/liter before this round of adjustment are expected to enter the "10 yuan era" after the price adjustment window on June 14 ".
Zheng Mingya, an oil product analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information, analyzed that the rate of change of crude oil is at the beginning of this pricing cycle. First, the U.S. reserve pool continues to decline, and the commercial pool is not significantly tired for the time being, the fundamentals are strong support. Second, after entering the summer oil peak, crude oil processing capacity to maintain a high level. In the low inventory pattern, and the future demand is expected to be good, the center of gravity of crude oil prices moved up.
It is worth noting that on June 10, international oil prices closed down slightly, and high inflation in the United States triggered investors' concerns about the impact of high oil prices on demand prospects. The WTI July crude spot contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed down $0.84, or 0.69 percent. The ICE Brent August spot contract closed down $1.06, or 0.86 percent.
(Source: China Energy Network)

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