Blood Donation Delivers "Xinhai People" Love



On May 15, Xinhai Holding Group and Cangzhou Central Blood Station launched a voluntary blood donation campaign to ensure the safety of blood supply during the normal epidemic prevention and control period and to contribute to the creation of a civilized city in Cangzhou. A total of 228 employees successfully donated blood, with a total blood donation of 78700ml.
Party members took the lead, members and volunteers enthusiastically participated, and night shift employees also gave up rest to join the "blood donation" team. At the blood donation site, everyone strictly followed the normal epidemic prevention and control requirements, implemented prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, wearing masks, etc., and listened carefully to medical staff to explain the matters needing attention in blood donation. With the steps of filling in forms, consultation, preliminary examination, registration, blood collection, etc., the blood full of love and hope slowly flowed from the employees' arms to the blood storage bag, and they interpreted the power of love with actions, pass the love of "Xinhai people.
During the critical period of the epidemic, the cadres and employees of Xinhai Holding Group actively participated in unpaid blood donation activities, singing the main theme of love and dedication, and fully demonstrated the corporate sense of social responsibility and mission. The group company attaches great importance to this unpaid blood donation activity and distributes nutrition to blood donation employees. It is scheduled to be Xinhai Blood Donation Day on May 16 every year to support and encourage more cadres and employees to join the ranks of unpaid blood donation, so as to add luster to the creation of a civilized city and contribute to the development of public welfare undertakings.

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