Xinhai Holding Group Held "May 4th" Youth Festival Keynote Speech



In order to celebrate the 72nd May 4th Youth Day and the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China, on May 4, Xinhai Holding Group held a keynote speech at the conference center on "Anti-Epidemic, I Blow Youth and Gratitude for New Achievements in Enterprises.
Activities in the form of competition, after the preliminary selection, a total of 14 players into the final. The contestants used direct experience and the most affectionate language to show the employees' anti-epidemic story of sticking to the front line, expressed their sincere gratitude to the company, deeply moved the judges and audience present, had a strong resonance, and won bursts of applause.
After fierce competition, 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 4 third prizes, and 5 commemorative prizes were finally selected. Supervisory Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Manager Xiao Ligang, Chief Executive Zeng Qingxian and other company leaders attended the event and served as judges of the competition.
Through the speech contest, it once again demonstrated the spirit of Xinhai people to strive for the first place and shoulder heavy responsibilities, further stimulated the enthusiasm of Xinhai young officers to start their own businesses, and created a strong atmosphere of high spirits, love and dedication. The development of a series of activities during the "May 1st" and "May 4th" period will become an important measure for the company to expand the construction of corporate culture. It will continue to deepen the development, enter the hearts of the people, emphasize actual results, and form a beautiful cultural business card.

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