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Instrument Skilled Worker

5000 - 8000


Xinhai Planning Department






Job Description:

(1) Under 40 years of age;

(2) Full-time college degree or above (those with working experience can be relaxed appropriately), instrument engineering, electrical automation, automation or measurement and control technology, instrument monitoring or automatic control, electrical engineering and automation, production process automation, testing technology and Major in instrumentation, mechatronics, industrial automation PLC programming, etc;

(3) Familiar with the principle and structure of instruments and meters in petrochemical enterprises, and those with more than three years of on-site instrument maintenance experience in petrochemical and chemical enterprises are preferred;

Welfare benefits: five insurances and one fund shall be paid, and the clothing, food, housing and transportation of employees shall be provided by the group. Staff accommodation: the staff apartment is equipped with air conditioning, hot water bath, independent toilet, TV and WIFI; Dining: four dishes and one soup per meal; Staff to and from work: shuttle bus; Shift mode: the production workshop implements the "four shifts and three shifts" working system;

Group Address: Middle Section of South Shugang Road, Huanghua Port, Bohai New District, Cangzhou City;

Human Resources Department Tel: 0317-5606579, 5768582; WeChat: 15532743777 Interested parties please send their resumes to Hebei Xinhai Holding E-mail: