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Argon arc welder



Xinhai Planning Department


5-10 years




Job Description:

(1) Under 40 years of age;

(2) Certificate requirements: welding special operation certificate or similar qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, pressure vessel welding operation certificate is preferred;
(3) professional seniority requirements: engaged in the professional work of not less than 5 years;

(4) Skill level requirements:
* Argon electric welding, the weld can meet the requirements of secondary sheet flaw detection;
* Familiar with the welding of various materials and their corresponding welding requirements;
Welfare benefits: five insurances and one fund shall be paid, and the clothing, food, housing and transportation of employees shall be provided by the group. Staff accommodation: the staff apartment is equipped with air conditioning, hot water bath, independent toilet, TV and WIFI; Dining: four dishes and one soup per meal; Staff to and from work: shuttle bus; Shift mode: the production workshop implements the "four shifts and three shifts" working system;

Group Address: Middle Section of South Shugang Road, Huanghua Port, Bohai New District, Cangzhou City;

Human Resources Department Tel: 0317-5606579, 5768582; WeChat: 15532743777 Interested parties please send their resumes to Hebei Xinhai Holding E-mail: