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From the media production specialist

5000 - 8000


Xinhai Planning Department



Junior college



Job Description:

According to the current production and operation needs of the group, the following positions are currently being recruited for the society:

1. since the media production specialist:

1. Age requirement: under 35 years old;

Gender requirements: male;

3. Education requirements: full-time college degree or above, journalism, radio and television journalism, communication, broadcasting and other related majors, with radio and television director, photography and video related work experience is preferred;

4. Job Requirements: Have certain news writing skills, be familiar with PR, AI, PS and other related video, image post-editing and production software, and be able to skillfully use cameras, video recorders, aerial cameras and other related shooting equipment;

5. Other requirements: have hard-working, dedicated work spirit, good health, no infectious diseases, and good professional ethics;

2. salary: 5K-8K;

3. benefits: five insurances and one fund shall be paid, and the group shall provide employees' clothing, food, accommodation and transportation. Staff accommodation: the staff dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, hot water bath, independent toilet, WIFI and TV; Dining: four dishes and one soup per meal; Staff commute: shuttle bus (Cangzhou, Huanghua, Nandagang, Zoje, Haibao);

Address of 4. Group: Middle Section of South Shugang Road, Huanghua Port, Bohai New District, Cangzhou City;

Contact information of 5. consultation: 0317-5606579, 5768582 (Human Resources Department);

6. registration method: interested parties please send your resume to Xinhai group email:, or submit your resume directly to the human resources department.