About Xinhai
It is a large private enterprise group integrating petroleum product production, R & D and logistics development.

Leader's speech


        Weather and weather, years are like songs.

        Since its establishment in 2000, Xinhai Company has been adhering to the corporate spirit of "honesty, integrity, dedication, and innovation", and through the hard work of the majority of employees, small companies with less than a hundred people have developed into large-scale group companies with regional influence. , Achieved rapid development of leaping development and diversified development, contributed to the development of the regional economy, and laid a solid foundation for the realization of Xinhai's corporate vision. In the rapid development of Xinhai Company and the constant and powerful cause, Xinhai people's passion, sweat and mind are united. In order to achieve sustainable development, Xinhai Company has been committed to becoming a leading company in the petrochemical industry and has continued to change. Xinhai Company is determined to forge ahead and use "Xinhai Speed" to interpret Xinhai spirit! The group company currently has petrochemical, real estate development, logistics and transportation industries and business expansion, making the company among the top 100 enterprises in Hebei Province and China's top 500 private manufacturing companies.

         There are only beginnings and no end in the steps forward.
        The group's leadership team will continue to start a new journey with a spirit of innovation. Adapt to market changes, grasp the general trend of development, implement the business style of "have the final say, settle the work, grasp implementation, and real fulfillment" and the corporate goal of "building first-class enterprises, creating first-class performance, bringing first-class teams, and establishing a first-class image" "Groupization, capitalization, knowledge, professionalization" development strategy, implementation of process and information management, strengthen the strength, be an excellent enterprise, and shape the soul of Xinhai to achieve efficient and sustainable development of the company.

Hand in hand, we still have to be grateful. It is because of the support and care of friends from all walks of life that we have today's achievements and development, so we can move forward and become stronger .

Seeking common development, we are more eager to cooperate and win-win. Only cooperation can achieve a win-win situation. In today's society, competition and cooperation interact. Opportunities and challenges coexist. We dare to stand up and participate in the competition. We will also pursue cooperation and let our partners succeed together.

Pride in Xinhai people, singing the Bohai Bay. Let's connect our hearts and hold hands together to build a better tomorrow for Hebei Xinhai!




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