Xinhai Holding Group gave a banner and consolation products to a district health center to thank them for their joint anti-epidemic form.




On February 22, the chief executive, Zeng Qingxian, on behalf of the company, sent a banner with the words "Help enterprises to fight the epidemic and protect the operation, selfless dedication to warm the hearts of the people" to the health center of the first district of Nandagang, and sent rice, oil and other consolation items, thanking the medical staff of the health center of the first district of the new crown vaccination work to think what the enterprise thinks, in the enterprise to vaccinate employees, in the enterprise to help the fight against the epidemic.
In the face of the actual problems arising from the vaccination process of the new crown vaccine, such as the large number of employees and different commuting hours, the company actively contacted the health center of the first district of Nandagang. after understanding the difficulties of the enterprise, the hospital carefully organized and arranged and took active actions. according to the specific conditions of the enterprise, the company coordinated the resources of all parties, and continuously dispatched more than 180 medical personnel to carry out the heart-warming service of "sending seedlings to the enterprise", overtime and vaccination, and patiently for the enterprise staff science vaccination of the importance, necessity, answer their questions, full speed to promote the new crown vaccine whole population vaccination work, do should be received, effectively protect the normal production and operation of the company.

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