Xinhai Holding Group's new fire center opened




On February 16, the wind and Jingming, colored balls hanging high. Xinhai Holding Group held the opening ceremony of the new fire center. Vice President Liu Jianping, Supervisor Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Manager Hu Jingang, Sun Ruihong, Xu Weijing and other company leaders participated in the activity.
Colored balls were lifted off at the event site, with slogans hanging high. "Fire safety, stability and far-reaching" were placed on both sides of the building, which was very eye-catching. Fire engines were arranged in an orderly manner and were solemn and powerful.
Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the supervisor, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. This year is a critical year for the construction of the seventh phase of the project and the opening of the whole process. The time is tight and the task is heavy. I hope that the fire brigade will continue to temper the team and protect the development of the enterprise with a new image and excellent combat effectiveness.
Vice President Liu Jianping announced the opening of Xinhai Holding Group Fire Center. The sound of the fire truck whistle, the drum team beat the drums forcefully, and the Yangko team walked vigorously, indicating that Xinhai is moving forward bravely and steadily on the new journey.
The opening of the fire center not only greatly enhances the company's fire safety hardware guarantee capabilities, but also contributes to the company's fire protection force for local economic development.

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