Xinhai Holding Group Held Middle and Senior Cadres Conference




People are diligent and spring is early, and everything is renewed. On February 7, Xinhai Holding Group held the 2022 Middle and Senior Cadres Conference in the Multimedia Conference Room on the 6th Floor of the Marketing Center. Chairman Zhan Guohai, President Liu Fulu, Vice President Zhang Zhanjing and Liu Jianping were seated on the rostrum, and middle and high-level cadres above the assistant director attended the meeting.
Chairman Zhan Guohai issued a mobilization order to all Xinhai people to start the Year of the Tiger, requesting the group to ensure safe and stable production, focus on promoting project construction and the whole process, continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and take practical actions to welcome the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress.
The chairman of the board of directors, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, put forward three ardent requirements:

 1. engineering construction
Actively promote the progress of the project, firmly grasp the quality and safety of the project, divide the areas and divide the responsibilities to the people, and the leaders in charge should play an exemplary and leading role, think more and pressurize more; On-site management should reflect the rules of "flat and tidy, orderly stacking"; Material management should be careful, thrifty, not wasteful and blind; While ensuring the quality of the project, it is necessary to speed up the progress of the project and handle special matters, only in advance, there is no mistake; to achieve clear rewards and punishments, for the construction team, adhere to the concept of "service management", serve the work well, strengthen good management.

  2. safety production
Leaders in charge and department directors should plan ahead and arrange ahead of time to increase and reduce staff in each workshop. Do a good job in the positioning of the top leaders of each workshop; Strengthen the on-site training and assessment system, and then implement and deploy again, so as to make the perennial training normal and come up with a timetable. At the same time, we should implement the results and test the results so as to cash in the salary. Strengthen the accountability system, the one-vote veto system, and the demotion and dismissal system of each workshop, and firmly hold the fist of safe production. In production, it is necessary to do a good job in the assessment system of energy saving and consumption reduction, advocate the concept of "diligence and thrift, shameful waste", and carefully control and operate safely.

  3. aspects of corporate culture
The leaders and main persons in charge of each workshop must have a deep understanding of the life and family conditions of every Xinhai employee, and must take responsibility for them, and promote and do a good job of Xinhai's corporate culture of "integrity, integrity, dedication, and innovation. It is necessary to educate and inspire employees to love their country, love the enterprise, and love the family, organize and learn Xinhai's idea of leading the development of the enterprise with party building, so that every party member, middle and high-level cadres can play a vital role and improve team cohesion.
The chairman stressed that 2022 is the first year of Xinhai's development in the next ten years. He hoped that all middle and high-level cadres would put more pressure, encourage and spur on Xinhai's development, take the lead, be a good parent of employees, be a good backbone, and jointly help Xinhai to achieve stability and achieve further glory.
President Liu Fulu paid New Year greetings to the group's cadres and employees in his speech, and at the same time mobilized the cadres and employees to enter the working state immediately.
The president pointed out that leading cadres at all levels of the group should have command ability, leadership ability and overall concept. They should not fight alone. They should carry forward the spirit of "bear hardships first and enjoy later", play a leading role, and continue to maintain an orderly work rhythm and a safe and stable situation.
Leading cadres should be in their positions and seek their own government. They should use their brains and think diligently about the work within their jurisdiction, and try to do a good job and be a competent leading cadre. It is all the more necessary to seek more things, do more work, do real things and do practical things. Only in this way can the development of enterprises be accelerated.
The president stressed that 2022 is the first year of the company's development in the new decade, the year of connecting the past and the next, and the key year for the company to open up the whole process. This year, the task is arduous and the workload is heavy. We should make every effort to do a good job in the shutdown and maintenance, the opening of the whole process and the construction of the seventh phase of the project from June to August, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of the "8.31.
Vice President Zhang Zhanjing presided over the meeting.
Vice President Liu Jianping made detailed arrangements and deployments around changing mentality, engineering construction, production management, equipment management, and safety management.

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