Tiger Leap Longteng New Decade ∠ Xinhai Holding Group 2022 Spring Festival Gala Successfully Held




Taurus said goodbye to the old year, and the jade tiger held its head high to celebrate the new year. At 2: 00 p.m. on January 24, Xinhai Holding Group's "Tiger Leaping and Dragon Teng New Decade" 2022 Spring Festival Gala was held in the conference center. Xinhai Holding Group Chairman Zhan Guohai, President Liu Fulu, Vice President Zhang Zhanjing, Liu Jianping, Supervisor Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Chief Financial Officer Teng Yongsheng, Deputy General Manager Hu Jingang, Sun Ruihong, Xu Weijing, Xiao Ligang, Liu Jian and other company leaders attended the gala to celebrate the Spring Festival with employees.

The festive and lively opening dance "Chinese Year of Flowers" kicked off the Spring Festival Gala. The cheerful and peaceful music and passionate dance express Xinhai people's firm confidence in the new era of meritorious service and their infinite yearning for a better life.

The magic show "Fu Man Gan Kun" brought by Zhang Fanghao of the catalytic joint workshop, the crosstalk "Fun Life" brought by Qi Shengda of the Mobile Equipment Department and Liu Minghao, the song "Farewell My Concubine" sung by Zhang Shuhong of the hydrocracking workshop, and the "Beautiful China" sung by Sun Peipei of the instrument workshop performed witty and humorous, with loud and clear singing, demonstrating the high-spirited and enterprising demeanor and charm of Xinhai employees.

The dance "Smoky Rain Boat" brought by Xinhai female workers brought everyone to the elegant and simple Jiangnan Shuixiang painting scroll, with endless aftertaste. The "Ode to Pear Blossoms" sung by Liu Baowang in the heavy asphalt workshop has a tactful singing, gorgeous artistic conception, and versatile, which is unforgettable.

The "Skill Star" sung by Zhang Linlin of the Planning Department expresses the determination and courage of Xinhai people to serve the country with skills and the heroic feeling of blooming new dreams of youth.

The sketch "Must Be Happy" brought by Liu Chunyan, Liu Cheng and Zhou Xuanxu in the asphalt workshop shows the courage and persistence of Xinhai people in pursuing the value of life and a happy life.

The Bai Yukun family of the quality inspection department brought "listen to me and say thank you" and daughter Bai Xiyu's solo "Yao Mei Zi", which expressed Xinhai employees' and families' love for life and gratitude for the society. The children's voice is lovely and can be expected in the future.

The dance "For the Harvest of the Earth" is based on the chairman's homesickness, affection for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and his dedication to the construction of beautiful villages in his hometown as the creative background, showing the broad mind and responsibility of a representative of the National People's Congress.

With passion and dreams, spread in this land of love. The poem recitation "Step into the New Decade" brought by Wang Jinfeng, Liu Hongyan, Nantianzhu, Huo Mingqing, Liu Guida, liujing, Kong Degong and Zhang Xin has shown a new picture of green development and intelligent development of enterprises, inspiring everyone's surging passion.

The chairman of the board of directors sang the classic old songs "looking back again" and "red plum praise" passionately, pushing the party to a climax. Looking back at Xinhai's ten-year development process, we have paved the way forward with sweat and mind and set sail for a new decade. Each of us in Xinhai has made full preparations, pursued our dreams and walked hand in hand, and will surely triumph.

At the end of the performance, the "Song of Xinhai" sung by Liu Jiashuai in the maintenance workshop and Du Yi in the catalysis joint workshop expressed the pride and pride of Xinhai people. We are walking on the road of leaping development of Xinhai and moving towards the future together!

New journey, new starting point. Looking back at the past ten years, I am full of pride, looking forward to the new decade, and looking forward to infinite. In 2022, all Xinhai people will stick to their dreams, keep their integrity and innovate, and move forward bravely towards a new decade of high-quality development.

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