Xinhai Holding Group's 2021 Work Summary and Commendation Conference Successfully Held




In the solemn national anthem, Xinhai Holding Group's 2021 Work Summary and Commendation Conference was held on January 24 in the Conference Activity Center. The conference summarized the 2021 work and arranged the 2022 work tasks. Chairman Zhan Guohai, President Liu Fulu, Vice President Zhang Zhanjing, Liu Jianping, Chairman Wang Zhiquan of Supervisors, Chief Financial Officer Teng Yongsheng, Deputy General Manager Hu Jingang, Sun Ruihong, Xu Weijing, Xiao Ligang and Liu Jian were seated on the rostrum. Vice President Zhang Zhanjing presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Zhan Guohai made an important speech based on a new starting point to create a new situation in Xinhai. The chairman said that 2021 is an extremely meaningful year for Xinhai. The centenary of the founding of the party coincides with the 10th anniversary of Xinhai's expansion. The company's sales continue to rise and the company's strength has been greatly enhanced, laying a solid foundation for the development of Xinhai in the new decade. The chairman of the board of directors put forward three ardent expectations in combination with the group's work in 2021 and the development direction in 2022:

1. purify the corporate environment and create a Xinhai atmosphere. Xinhai has always paid attention to the corporate culture concept of clean and tidy factory environment, clean and upright working atmosphere, cadres and workers striving for the first place, and sharing development dividends among all employees. The welfare of employees is based on the development of enterprises. Enterprises give welfare to employees and do charity to the outside world, which is also a concrete manifestation of advocating Do not forget your initiative mind.

2. to control the market situation, build Xinhai brand. Keep in mind the mission and responsibility, and promote the construction of the project. Strengthen learning awareness, improve their ability and level. Grasp the market situation and do a good job in the company's strategic planning. Accurate prediction, scientific planning, with professional ability to create benefits for the company. Establish a sense of service and ownership, integrity management, to create a good Xinhai brand.

3. establish the feelings of family and country, write Xinhai culture. It is necessary to continue to carry forward the feelings of family and country, lead the construction of corporate culture with party building, enhance the sense of social responsibility of enterprises, and create a cultural atmosphere in which enterprises love the party, the country, the enterprise, and the family. Through a series of activities to support rural revitalization. Let Xinhai positive energy activities get a wider range of publicity, but also let the company's cadres and employees win more and higher honor, add luster to Xinhai!

President Liu Fulu made a work report on "Thick, thin, stable and far-reaching development of Xinhai. The president comprehensively reviewed the work in 2021 and arranged to deploy the key work in 2022:

1. change the concept, in-depth implementation of the concept of safe development. Put production safety in the first place and implement the safety concept of "people-oriented, safety is the sky.

2. change the style of work and efficiently promote project construction. High quality, high standards to promote the progress of project construction, to achieve the goal of the whole process.

3. change the way, focus on improving the overall quality of personnel. The company will assess the quality, ability and workload of employees one by one, and reasonably distribute performance bonuses; it will evaluate the professional titles of high-end talents in various specialties, and gradually form a two-way development situation of management posts and technical posts in the company.

4. change our thinking and actively build green intelligent enterprises. The company focuses on promoting the greening of the factory area, doing a good job in the greening design of key areas, combining points with areas, and laying a good foundation for applying for AAA-level tourism enterprises. Focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, do a good job in the second phase of the intelligent center project and other specific work, realize the green and intelligent development of Xinhai, and contribute to the national goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

5. change the image, firmly establish a good corporate brand. Vigorously carry forward the corporate culture of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation", improve the cultivation of personnel, change the image of employees, strengthen supervision and supervision, improve work style and discipline, bravely assume social responsibility, and establish Xinhai brand.

Vice President Liu Jianping made a work report on "Strong Foundation, Solid Foundation, Innovative Development and Striving to Build the Most Competitive Petrochemical Enterprise in North China. The focus is on four aspects: first, production management: remember a word, do a fine word, grasp a stable word, and pursue an excellent word. Second, equipment management: careful planning, fine preparation, precise implementation, precise control. The third is the construction of the project: we must keep in mind the four words fast, good, safe and successful. The fourth is safety and environmental protection: from the implementation, safety education, improve the effectiveness of supervision, and do a good job in various effective responses.

Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of the Supervisors, read out the 2021 Advanced Commendation Decision.

Deputy General Manager Hu Jingang made a work report on the project construction of "Leading Technology and Seizing Opportunities to Ensure the Opening of the Whole Production Process.

The General Assembly begins, this year's selection of 12 advanced units, 2 advanced party branches, 10 outstanding management cadres, 12 outstanding Communist Party members, 1 chairman special award unit, 2 chairman special award individuals, 1 advanced energy saving and consumption reduction unit, 2 advanced individuals in energy saving and consumption reduction, 16 advanced teams and groups, 3 youth model demonstration posts, 23 outstanding squad leaders, 109 advanced workers, 11 safety pacesetters, 26 advanced individuals in the activities of famous teachers and apprentices and 4 individuals who won honor awards for enterprises were commended.

"Xiongguan is like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning." Xinhai ten years of development harvest, the future will be more brilliant! In 2022, all cadres and employees of Xinhai will closely focus on the general tone of "one center, two basic points", stick to their original intention, take on their responsibilities, work hard and move forward bravely, so as to realize "synchronizing the world, leading China, building intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprises" to run out of high-quality development acceleration and hand over new answers to sustainable development!

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