On New Year's Eve, we stick to gratitude and have you-Chairman of the Board of Directors condolences to frontline cadres and employees on New Year's Eve.




"I will read what employees think; I will do what employees expect." Every year on New Year's Eve, Chairman Zhan Guohai will go deep into the front line, walk to the employees, ask about the warmth and send blessings. This constant concern warms the heart.

At 10: 00 p.m. on January 31, it was cold and warm. Chairman Zhan Guohai, deputy general manager Hu Jingang, Xu Weijing, Liu Jian, assistant general manager Han Yueshu and Xu Hao arrived at the central control hall, heavy asphalt workshop, coking workshop, secondary hydrogenation workshop, continuous reorganization workshop, sulfur workshop, fire brigade and other front-line sites successively to express condolences to the cadres and workers who still stuck to their posts on New Year's Eve and thanked them for their hard work on behalf on behalf. Everywhere the chairman went, he shook hands with them one by one, "Happy New Year, everyone, greetings to everyone, and greetings to your family." The chairman sent them New Year blessings and condolences, and took a group photo with everyone. The chairman urged everyone to do a good job in safety production at all times, strengthen on-site inspection, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the device.

The care of the chairman of the board of directors deeply warms the hearts of every frontline cadre and employee. Wherever they went, everyone expressed their gratitude to the leaders for their condolences and concern. Although they could not be reunited with their families on New Year's Eve, they felt the deep care and deep affection of the chairman, and lived up to the company's ardent hopes and trust. They are confident and determined to do a good job in the safe and normal operation of production equipment during the Spring Festival.

At the beginning of the New Year, the condolences from the chairman of the board of directors have further enhanced the cohesion and sense of belonging of all cadres and employees. The new year is a new atmosphere. I believe our company will definitely take it to the next level.

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