Xinhai Group Party Committee Launching Visit to Party Building Cultural Exhibition Hall and Party Members' Revisiting Pledge to Join the Party




In order to further enhance the party building work of Xinhai Group, enhance the sense of honor and mission of party members, and encourage the broad masses of party members to be enterprising and dedicated to their posts, recently, the party committee of Xinhai Group launched a party and regiment theme activity with the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of red culture and giving full play to the vanguard role of party members. The 10 party branch members and party activists of the group party Committee visited the party building culture exhibition hall in batches, so that everyone could strengthen party spirit training in learning and understanding, Do not forget your initiative mind's mission, and strive to be Xinhai people in the new era.
During the visit, under the leadership of the commentator, everyone walked into the corridor of the great course along the sections of "great thought", "great spirit" and "great turning point". The historical pictures made everyone deeply feel the firm ideals and beliefs of the country's ups and downs and great rejuvenation. Everyone watched carefully, experienced and thought, and received a party history education class at zero distance, and their thoughts and souls were deeply baptized.
Come to the "Red Leadership" section to understand that the Party Committee of Xinhai Group, under the guidance of the Party, is based on reality, and carries out party building work to help enterprises continue to achieve green, sustainable and high-quality development. After visiting the four functional areas of the oath room, the reading room, the heart-to-heart talk room, and the party building work of the party member training center, everyone came to the "Steps Forward" exhibition. The ten-year struggle of Xinhai is vividly recorded, and everyone once again feels the company's rapid progress. The trend of rapid development.
After the visit, the party members reviewed the oath of joining the party in the oath room and took a group photo in front of the marketing building.

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