Xinhai Holding Group oil storage transfer project started.




On the morning of December 1, Cangzhou City held a concentrated start-up activity for key projects in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the Huanghua City branch event was held at the site of the Xinhai Holding Group Oil Storage Transfer Project.
Huanghua City CPPCC Chairman Cheng Xiuzhen announced the start of the project. Huanghua Municipal Committee, executive vice mayor Wang Youhai presided over the commencement ceremony. Shao Changzeng, member of the standing Committee of the Municipal CPC Committee, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission and director of the Supervision Commission, Xiao Baoqing, member of the standing Committee of the Municipal CPC Committee and secretary of the political and legal Commission, Wang Puqing, member of the standing Committee of the Municipal CPC Committee and director of the Office, Zhang Guiyun and Zhang Guanfeng, vice mayors of the municipal government, Liu Fulu, president of Xinhai holding Group, responsible persons of relevant departments of the development zones, townships, streets and Xinhai staff, attended the activities.
The oil storage and transit project of Xinhai Holding Group will set up Hebei Xinhai Holding Railway Co., Ltd. with an investment of 0.62 billion yuan to build 180000 cubic meters of oil storage tank farm and oil transfer facilities, including tank unit, pump area, transit loading and unloading facilities, train loading and unloading facilities, oil and gas recovery facilities and supporting auxiliary facilities such as water supply and drainage fire fighting system, power supply and distribution system, automatic control system, etc. Special railway lines and related supporting projects. The commissioning of the project will realize the efficient connection and seamless connection of railway trunk transportation with ports and logistics parks, better meet the needs of green and high-quality development in Xinhai, promote the development of logistics and other emerging formats, improve resource utilization efficiency and labor productivity, enhance economic and social benefits, and promote the upgrading of Huanghua modern industrial park and the industrial adjustment of the whole city?

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