Inheriting the Red Gene and Drawing Endeavour Strength Xinhai Holding Group Launches "Red Movie Watching Week" and All Staff Watch "Changjin Lake"



Inheriting the red gene draws on the strength of endeavor. In order to promote the in-depth development of party history study and education, promote the spirit of patriotism, and enhance the sense of historical responsibility and mission of Xinhai party members, cadres and employees, starting on October 30, Xinhai Holding Group launched the "Red Movie Watching Week" and organized more than 2000 Employees watched the film "Changjin Lake" and received patriotism education.
The movie "Changjin Lake" tells the story of a certain unit of the 9th Corps of the Chinese People's Volunteers, which was not afraid of extreme cold in the Battle of Changjin Lake, went to North Korea to fight in the cold natural environment, not afraid of sacrifice, and fought bloody battles. The will to fight and the determination to defend the country demonstrated the soldiers' fervent belief and high fighting spirit to defend the peace of the motherland with their lives. In the process of watching the movie, the cadres and employees concentrated on watching and understanding. They were shocked by the great spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea shown in the film, and were impressed by the steel will and heroism of the characters in the film. They were greatly touched and spiritually. Sublimated.
After watching the movie, everyone was deeply shocked and encouraged, saying that they must strengthen their ideals and beliefs, remember history, cherish the present, follow the example of the martyrs and ancestors, find the spiritual coordinates from the struggle of the ancestors to contribute to the country, continue the red blood, inherit the red gene, love their jobs, be brave to take responsibility, and devote themselves to the work with fuller enthusiasm and higher morale, To make greater contributions to the high-quality development of Xinhai.

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