Hebei Xinhai Chemical Industry Group and Cangzhou Xuyang Held Cooperation Framework Signing Ceremony



On October 20, the signing ceremony of the cooperation framework between Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group and Cangzhou Xuyang was held in the conference room on the third floor of the group's office building. Yu Zengzhou, Deputy Director of Cangzhou Bohai New District Administrative Committee, Xu Fei, Director of the Second Bureau of Investment Promotion and Cooperation, Li Xiaodong, Deputy Director, Pan Jiuhai, Chairman of Cangzhou Xuyang, Yang Lu, General Manager, Zhang Zunling, Deputy General Manager, Liang Yongze, Deputy Manager of Planning and Development Department, Liu Fulu, President of Xinhai Holding Group, Liu Jianping, Vice President, and Zeng Qingxian, Chief Executive Officer, attended the signing ceremony.
At the meeting, Yu Zengzhou, deputy director of the Management Committee of Cangzhou Bohai New Area, greatly affirmed the cooperation between the two parties. Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group and Cangzhou Xuyang are both large-scale private enterprises that invested earlier in Bohai New Area. Both parties have their own development advantages. This cooperation has laid a good foundation for the long-term development of both parties and injected strong momentum into the industrial development of Bohai New Area. It is hoped that the enterprises of both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, join forces and develop together. He also said that the Bohai New Area Management Committee strongly supports the industrial cooperation between the two parties, provides high-quality and efficient services, and makes every effort to ensure that the cooperation projects are implemented early and effective.
President Liu Fulu welcomed the arrival of Deputy Director Zengzhou, Chairman Pan Jiuhai, and General Manager Yang Lu. Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group and Cangzhou Xuyang are both enterprises in the Lingang Chemical Park. They are neighbors and have a deep foundation of friendship. The industrial cooperation between the two parties can not only reduce the production costs of both parties, but also greatly promote the industrial development of both parties. Promoting the strategic cooperation between the two parties meets their respective development needs. We hope to strengthen communication and close contact with Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical in the principle of win-win cooperation to ensure the smooth development of cooperation projects.
Pan Jiuhai, chairman of Cangzhou Xuyang, introduced the existing and under construction projects and industrial planning of the enterprise, and had an in-depth exchange on the details of cooperation between the two sides and the next work ideas.
Vice President Liu Jianping introduced the production medium, material balance and subsequent device construction.
Finally, Vice President Liu Jianping and Cangzhou Xuyang Chairman Pan Jiuhai signed a cooperation framework agreement in a relaxed atmosphere.

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