Raising the National Flag to Celebrate China's Birthday, Delivering the Most Beautiful Chinese Red



 "Where there is a five-star red flag, there is a beacon of faith. If faith has color, it must be Chinese red"
In order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the the People's Republic of China, enhance the pride and centripetal force of all cadres and employees towards the country and the nation, stimulate the fighting spirit of all cadres and employees, and gather great strength, Xinhai Holding Group held a flag-raising ceremony in the square of the office building on the morning of October 1. More than 600 cadres and employees lined up in high spirits, and the flag bearers stride forward to the flag-raising platform. When the passionate and majestic "March of the Volunteers" was played, all the people present solemnly saluted the national flag, sang the national anthem and watched the bright five-star red flag rise slowly. For 72 years, the flying five-star red flag has recorded the glorious years of the motherland, the road of great rejuvenation, the inheritance of one stick, hundreds of millions of Chinese people, and the pursuit of a new era of dreams. May the great motherland be prosperous and strong! Wish Xinhai Holdings a better tomorrow!
Xinhai people always listen to the party and follow the party. Please rest assured that the powerful country has me!

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