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Xinhai Holding Group Launching New "Safety Production Law" Study Publicity




The newly revised production safety law was formally implemented on September 1. In order to further study and implement the new "Safety Production Law", guide cadres and employees to enhance their legal thinking and safety awareness, on September 13, Chairman Zhan Guohai, President Liu Fulu and senior leaders of the company collectively studied the new safety production law.
At the meeting, relevant videos of the "Safety Production Law" were played to interpret the revised provisions of the new "the People's Republic of China Safety Production Law. At the same time, all cadres and employees are required to learn the new "Safety Production Law" thoroughly, and strictly follow the "three must" principles of "managing industry must manage safety, managing business must manage safety, and managing production and operation must manage safety". Responsibility for production, make up for shortcomings, check loopholes, comprehensively rectify, improve safety production capabilities, and form a good situation in which safety responsibilities are shouldered and safety work is jointly managed.
On September 14, the new "safety production law" video was broadcast at night training time for all staff.

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