Xinhai Holding Group Issued Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare Happy Reunion


With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, in order to let employees have a happy and reunion festival, Xinhai Holding Group has successively issued Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to each employee.
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival benefits have surprised employees. From round moon cakes to full-grain golden rice, from original corn oil to dripping pure sesame oil, from delicious tilapia to high-grade toiletries, the Mid-Autumn Festival benefits are dazzling. This year, the company also specially issued a warm family meal card worth 600 yuan to employees over five years old, reflecting the company leaders' deep care for employees.
At the same time, the company also distributed fish and pork to all construction units, so that the outsourced construction personnel who stick to the front line of project construction can work at ease, feel the warmth of home and enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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